The Speakers Bureau is a collection of both Masons and non-Masons who are available to present educational programs during Lodge meetings and for Ladies’ events.

We are looking for volunteers!

If you would be willing to make presentations on the topics of your choice, please consider joining the Speakers Bureau. Subject matter may relate directly to Masonry, but it does not have to. It could just as easily be about your profession, hobbies, or other interests. You are welcome to sign up for as many topics as you want.

To join the Speakers Bureau, or to schedule a guest speaker from the Speakers Bureau, contact Ken Cohen at 

Current Speakers list:


Aaron Wyckoff   Linden 637  Genealogy; Orders of Architecture 
Ron Winnett                Grove City 689 Masonic Student Model Assistance Program
Ken Cohen  Reynoldsburg 340 DeMolay; Presenting effective lectures; The Apprenticeship Program; SYSK course; Better Table Lodges;; Kabbalah and Freemasonry, Royal Scofield Society
Dan Cogley Groveport 240 Mason's Mark
Angie Vallely non-Mason Abuse/bullying prevention in elementary schools (according to Rebecca Cokonougher, this is a great program, and ladies should be invited, too)
Matt Johnson Blendon 339  Marketing, the importance of a lodge's website in this age, how everybody can create and easily maintain a lodge website, social media, lodge email newsletters (self hosted for cheap or with a third party service).
Dave Gubanc Columbus 30  Gardening, Food preservation & backyard composting
Dan Wehner LB Turner 732 - Social Security, how it works, when to claim benefits etc...
- Medicare, how it works, what it covers & what's available
- Medicaid & Estate Recovery
- Estate & financial Planning
Steve Freuh Ely 424/Sunrise - The Collier (A charcoal maker for smelting bronze)
- The types of Masons (Operative early times)
- The trestle board, vs tracing board
- The columns Jachin, Boaz, their making
Nick Bolyard Neoacacia 595 - Servant Leadership
- DeMolay/Job's Daughters
- Social Media and Your Lodge
- Athletics and Organizational Change